Types of Membership

There are three different types of membership available to Healing in America applicants.

1. Internship is the most common. After completion of Module 1 of the Certified Energy Medicine Practitoner Training you become eligible and can be invited to join. 

2. Certified Healer Membership can be applied after completing Modules 1-3 of the courses and the one-year Internship Program, provided the criteria for certification is met.

3. Supporter/Friend membership is for those people who do not necessarily want to become healers, yet would like to support the work carried out by Healing in America, through donations.



internInternship is usually offered to those people who have completed our Certified Energy Practitoner Training Program  - Module 1, and who have two people willing to sponsor them during their one year training period. Internship is a commitment for an applicant to develop their own healing gift and the applicant must have the desire to obtain Certified Healer Membership in due course.

*Please note that anyone undergoing treatment for mental health problems should not undertake Healer Training.


Certified Healer Membership

At the end of the one year period as an Intern, suitable applicants can apply for Certified Healer Membership providing they fulfill the required criteria.

certificationAs a minimum, Interns must have completed Modules 1-3 of the Certified Energy Medicine Training Program and have at least four clients with whom they have worked and who have benefited from their healing. Healing in America will then write to each of the four clients independently to ensure they have been helped by receiving energy healing from the applicant.

It is mandatory that Certified Healing Practitioners have insurance cover for energy healing.


Interns are then invited before a panel of healers to:

  1. Ensure they are conversant with the code of conduct by answering questions.
  2. Present their up to date log book of development
  3. Give a demonstration of healing using a chair
  4. Present two case studies of clients they have worked with

As a Certified Healer Member, requests received for healing from the public will be re-directed to them on a geographical basis, giving potential clients the opportunity of receiving healing locally.

When Healing in America receive a request for healing, the person enquiring will be redirected to their nearest Certified Healer member.

*Please note that anyone undergoing treatment for mental health problems should not undertake Certified Healer Training.


Supporter/Friend membership

Support/Friends membership is for those people who would like to support the work carried out by Healing in America, through donations.

This is an important category, as the planned expansion of the organization as outlined in our Mission Statement, requires considerable investment for opening healing centers, marketing, exhibitions, training etc.


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