Energy Healing Testimonials

The work healing work you have done on my sisters knee has been very successful - you have done what the doctors were unable to do! Thank you so much.

Elizabeth L - Montecito, CA


For several years I have exhibited and been living with all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  That leaves me feeling very fatigued, aches in muscles and joints and sometimes excruciating pain.

I have attended several healing circles at Unity on the Lakeshore.  When the healers place their hands on my shoulders, I can feel the energy flow from their hands through my body and exit through my feet.  I’ve never felt healing energy that strong.  I’ve been involved in spiritual healing circles for many years and never experienced anything like this.  The morning after the sessions, I feel like a new person.  No aches and more energy than I had  experienced in a long time.   My condition seems to be continually improving from attending these circles.

Thanks so much for sharing your healing gifts with me. 

JK Fennville, MI 


I had been fatigued for several months. When I say fatigued, I mean FATIGUED to the point that by the time I was done with my morning shower, I was yearning to go back to bed and just sleep.  I dragged myself through the whole day, life became increasingly unbearable. I was not depressed, in fact I was at a very good place in my life, I just had no energy whatsoever. 

It was at this point, April 2011, Nancy O’Donohue offered to do energy work on me.  I will be honest, I didn’t have high expectations, but I figured it can’t hurt and at least I would be laying on a massage table, able to rest and that’s all I ever wanted anymore.

Nancy worked on me for six consecutive weeks, once a week.  Initially I felt nothing.  In fact for the first four weeks I noticed no improvement.  Then the sixth week went by as well and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I hadn’t been tired in quite sometime.  In fact, I’d carry through my daily activities without ever noticing that I am doing them and even at night when I’d go to bed I’d still have energy.  The only change in my life had been Nancy’s energy work.  Everything else I kept the same.  I hadn’t changed my diet, hadn’t gone on any medication or dietary supplements.  Nancy’s work on me had been the only and clearly only difference.

I am grateful!  Now it’s August and I am still going full throttle, still feeling energized, the fatigue vanished. Thank you, Nancy

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