Workshop Options

California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois


Our Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Trainings are held in various States and prices may vary from State to State.

For workshops held in California, reservation options are: 

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Training Program 

The program consists of 3 modules over a 12 month period

Costs include three modules(each 2 1/2 days)

Intern membership after attending Module 1

Certification at end of 12 month training if desired

Support of two mentors during training period


If payment is made in advance for all three in advance there is a $15% discount (saving of $268)

If after attending Level 1, Levels 2 & 3 are paid in advance there is a 10% discount (saving of $119)


Through our Center in Ojai we offer a number of additional workshop options, and special interest ones too!


Our Introductory talks typically range from one to two hours long and are designed to give you a better insight into the theories and practices of our work to see if these resonate with your needs. We are available to offer these to any organization/club/society looking for speakers.


Our meditation classes are offered on a monthly basis in our Ojai Center.

We even have a specifically desgined meditation class and Healing Circle just for Veterans as well as Individual Healing Sessions - Call for details.


On 1st Tuesday of each month we hold a Guided Meditation & Healing Circle at Ventura County Community Foundation in Camarillo for veterans and their families from 10:00am - 11:00am.  Following the group healing there are 4 individual "one on one" healing sessions for veterans. There is no charge for either event but booking an appointment is essential for the individual sessions.


Our healing circles are a great way to receive spiritual healing from a number of practitioners in a relatively short space of time.  We run these in hospitals, spiritual groups and for organizations wishing to help their staff stay well


We offer individual Energy Healings each month at our Healing Center in Ojai for members of the public These are by $20 love donation and are given by trained practitioners and Certified Energy Healers. They are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm to 8:30pm - please call to reserve a space. 805 640 0211


This class is designed for those who have attended Part 1 - 3 and wish to learn about additional topics including:-

     Using Pendulum to Balance Chakras

     Aboriginal Birthing Process

     Living Intuitively

     Why Some People Don't Heal - and How they Can

     Forgiveness Process etc.


Our special interest workshops rotate monthly, offering you a new topic in your personal and professional development.  Most often these courses are hosted in our Ojai Center,however we also invite guest speakers and practitioners to teach at our center. So- sign up for our monthly newsletter and don't miss out on these great talks!

Here's some expamples:-

    Marketing Workshop - learn how to increase the number of people attending your workshop/seminars

    Trainers Workshop - learn how to master your communication and presentation skills

    Your Best Year Yet Usually held each January to help create the sort of year you want to manifest

    The Art of Joyful Living - Helps you live you life authentically, find your true passion and life purpose

    Breaking Through the Fear Barrier - What stops you living your full potential in life - and how you can!

    Changes Happen - Overcoming limiting beliefs that have held us back from reaching our true potential

Healing in America is also proud to have world renown annimal healer/communicator MARGRIT COATES from England as a Guest Tutor running workshops in California for healing and communicating with companion animals and healing and communicating with horses.

To learn more about our schedules and payment options, call for information pack 

805 640 0211


Workshops are also held in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois








































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